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 Member Cup Competion

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Head Witch
Head Witch

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PostSubject: Member Cup Competion   6/24/2009, 10:03 am

This forum will be doing something similiar to the Hogwarts House Cup.

Very soon, I will be adding member points, the staff will be the only ones who can give or take points, and whoever reaches 200 first will hold the Member cup, which will be added to their signature.

Since the limit will not be 200, and we can add up to 10000 points, whoever overtakes two hundred will then get the cup. So on and so forth.

Points Will Be Awarded For;

-Frequent posting
-Answering questions of new members
-Welcoming new members
-Quality posts
-Promoting the forum when not asked to
-Pointing out errors staff missed
-Completing favors for staff, optional
-Posting news first
-Creating fan art we like
-Giving us suggestions that we use



~I need to hear you say, "I love you. I've loved you all along".~

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Head Witch
Head Witch

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PostSubject: Re: Member Cup Competion   6/25/2009, 10:36 am

You're so clever Wink

Sounds cool. Did you find a cool cup picture?

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Member Cup Competion
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