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Reading Your Letter
Reading Your Letter

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PostSubject: Apparation   6/24/2009, 12:12 pm

Quote :
Apparition, the art of magically disappearing from one place and reappearing in another, requires a license and may only be legally performed by people over seventeen years of age. The described reason for the restriction is that Apparition is dangerous if done improperly: body parts can be left behind in an unfortunate side-effect known as "splinching." Although, as Hermione points out innumerable times throughout the series, magical enchantments on Hogwarts castle and grounds prohibit Apparition and Disapparition inside the castle, it is explained in Half-Blood Prince that these protections are temporarily relaxed within the Great Hall for short periods to permit students to practice Apparition. Wilkie Twycross, a "Ministry of Magic Apparition Instructor" offers lessons in Apparition in Half-Blood Prince.[HBP Ch.17]
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Head Witch
Head Witch

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PostSubject: Re: Apparation   7/12/2009, 2:11 pm

Well, this class didn't seem like much of a sucess. Did Ron ever apparate once without hurting himself?

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